The puma( with dark blonde hair)

The puma with dark blonde hair

She is a wild one
A creature of ferocity.
She is still when lurking-
You would never see her,
Even using all your senses.
She is patient.
Her movements are precise
And before you know it-
She has matched her caramel eyes with yours.
Illuminating the darkness with one look,
They are brighter than any headlights
You can imagine
Or any burning star falling through the star.
She is not afraid- 
No, she is never afraid.
Her fears are nowhere to be found
It’s her fearlessness that you sense.
Don’t cross her path-
But take heed if you do.
Her fierce hair makes her wild
Yet defines her, falling into place.
Beware of this dangerously powerful creature;
For she is me. 

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