There are still good people out there

So I know this is predominantly a photo blog I’ve got running here, but wanted to share a warm story with you all.

Currently I’m in grad school (hence I’ve been on hiatus at times) and was intensely (or perhaps passive aggressively) making index cards/studying at my local Starbucks. I know, exciting way to spend my Saturday night.    Anyways about an hour and a half or so into my index card marathon, the barista came up to me with a package of cookies saying “I thought maybe you could use these” and walked away with a smile. A small gesture, it was truly inspiring to me. It just made me love that Starbucks location ( it’s one of my favs) a whole lot more, and remind me that- Yes there truly are good people in the world.

If you can, do good, because you never know who you will inspire to pay it forward. 

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