Pen Pals

What ever happened to pen pals? The other day I was cleaning out drawers and found old letters from several pen pals that I had. I remember growing up, even until high school I had many pen pals that I exchanged letters, cards, drawings, and cute little gifts with. It was really cool to talk to someone you normally would not meet or perhaps be friends with in person.  Of course life happens I guess, and then facebook went and destroyed any snail mail way of communicating with those people. I occasionally try to find those long lost friends on facebook but it is much to no avail, and the addresses are long gone.

I just thought of pursuing the idea of snail mail friends again yesterday, and much to my dismay most of the websites that link you to possible pen pals are either a pay for usage or are free and have extremely creepy listings. And by creepy I mean sounds like someone overseas trying to carry out a money laundering scheme, prison inmate, or ghostwritten profile. (Sigh)  Anyone know of a good legit place to find pen pals?

P.S. If you’re interested in becoming pen pals (and live in the US) leave it in a comment! It would be cool, maybe we could send tea samples (in lieu of stickers), chocolate (in lieu of candy canes), and other small random stuff. Who says snail mail is dead? We can totally bring it back.

P.P.S- I’m not creepy like most of the other pen pal ads out there lol.

13 replies to “Pen Pals

  1. Unfortunately I live in Canada. But I hope you find a pen-pal. I absolutely love writing and sharing all the great things in life with my current pen-pal. It is a shame so very little people do it anymore.


    1. Oh i forgot to say canada! Canada isnt so bad with the international mail rate! I used to write letters to my sister in law in Ontario :0). What part of Canada are you in?


  2. Here are some sites if you are interested: “”, “Lettersets”, “Maarten’s Snail Mail Penpals” and “Interpals”. You can also find penpals on the “Postcrossing Forum”, “Reddit” and on “Tumblr” – I’ve found snail mail pals in all these places.


  3. What a great post! My grandparents were missionaries in Russia twenty years ago and set me up as a pen pal with an orphan who turned out to be a gifted artist. I wonder if I could still find those old letters. If you and Jacki don’t end up being pen pals, send me your mailing address at, and maybe I’ll send you some chocolate. 😉

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  4. I’ve been pen palling for 9 years now and I love it. I’m not necessarily looking for new pen pals, but feel free to raid my blog and see just how much people do this hobby still ❤ PS: An awesome group to try is Unfortunately you can't choose a US member to be matched with, but with all of the forums and things you may be able to find one that way. May the force be with you!

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    1. checked out the website- their application pool is “now closed”…i’m not sure if I’m looking for that level of intensity finding a penpal lol. bummer cuz I thought the website was so cute!! thanks for the suggestion I really appreciate it. have a great holiday


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