jeans and a T-shirt

jeans and a t-shirt

walking inside

i felt very shy

amongst the


draped in yellow fabric

confidently greeting


or the green pasty


that lay in a metal orbital

on the


dressed in colorful foils

whose distinct creamy oils

i could taste and feel

at any chance.

but now my Focus

was in the room


of Me,

where people danced


r h y t h m s

very loud and ch-op-py

not afraid to wiggle like


and people sang songs

to the beat

of a leather drum

that stayed very static

for every song.

“who is she?” i say

to my cheerfully



as i point towards the

felicity Girl

confidently twirling

her hands

and arms

and feet

in a patterned


“the Bride.” she


while tossing me

a weird look

as she tosses my coat

behind us.

“oh.” I’m being

                                            dragged into

the whirlpool

of dance

by the queen of ice


and in this moment

i wished i knew


to create mystical art

or at least-

was wearing something comparable

to the draped doors

or a

tennis racket.

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