Your Confession

Your confession πŸ“‡

In my hour of darkness 🌌
Instead of holding a lantern πŸ”¦
To help light my way
With an open hand πŸ‘‹ and open heart πŸ’“
You ran the other way. πŸ‘Ÿ

“You were so negative and always down” you said….
To my painful silence.
What could I possibly say
To UN-do the horrible thing
you just admitted to?

When I needed a friend-
An umbrella in the rain β˜”οΈ
Coat over a puddle
Tissue in a room full of sneezing people
Doorman while carrying a tray of Starbucks cups
Penny when the total is 5.01. πŸ’°

You made
yourself not be there for me
On purpose.
Was I not fun enough?
Was I not accommodating enough?
Was I not generous enough?
I get it, I only bent over backwards 300 degrees, not the full
360 you required.

Here we are
On my birthdayπŸŽ‰nonetheless
And your excuse for not being there
All this time ⏰
Is because I was “too negative”?
Im so sorry I wasn’t smiling through
I can’t UN-hear what you just said.
I can’t UN-feel what you just made me feel.
My real mistake was not
trusting you
Being there for you
Showing kindness-
It was expecting you to
return all those to me
The same respect.
That bridge πŸŒ‰is burning
And it is because
You have poured the kerosene. ⛽️

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