1st day of school

Reminiscence from another perspective

She looked like she was in a rush.  But then again she always did, and in an uncomfortable way.  Her eyes were studying the freshly dissolved tea bag colored pleather that was tied onto her feet as she unsmoothly shuffled up the stairs that resembled emeralds dipped in sewage, currently accented with various layers of sand.  Her feet connected with the sand a bit too much and her eyes got to see the decorations up close as her figure embraced the stiff epidermis of the tile.  The bottom logo of her shoes became a Sketchers AD to all, and met them with much laughter.  Her bangs swept the floor as she climbed her way up and won a battle with gravity as she sewed together her papers and binders.  The downpour of laughter turned into uncaring “Are you okay”s which were only to be answered by her difficult nod, that hid her brewing uneasiness.  She was able to force her bruised knee to go forward, and continue on to her next class gripping the walls like a person with a leg in a cast using a baseball bat to walk around.

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