Thoughts from wonderland (part 1)

i look around the room.
he’s got me tied up with licorice wheels
or what were licorice wheels, rather.
he lurks behind a makeshift desk
constructed out of a snack table
and neon colored folding lawn chair
that i probably sat in
while dancing to the Spice girls
in the 90s.

he slurped his slushy drink as loud
as humanly possible
which was ironic being that
he did not appear to be human.

“what’s going on in that head of yours?” he snarled
while laughing.

i rolled my eyes at the ridiculous creature
that he was.

“are you jealous yet?”. he was mocking me while showing me a photo of an old friend that had just got engaged. they had posted it on social media, i suppose is how he got hold of the photo.

“why would i be?” I said while trying to show as little emotion as possible.

“how about now?”. he showed me a photo of a former classmate that now was a successful health professional in a top hospital. he googled someone i went to school with ten years ago?!

“no.” i bit my lip.

he laughed a hearty laugh. “everyone else is happy. in love. married. having kids. successful. and then there is you. you have none of those things. you have no lover. you have no happiness. you have no friends. you have no future like they do. no dreams, no aspirations. you should be jealous. you must be jealous. you are jealous. i know it.” now he was shouting.

“i uh-” but before i could finish my sentence he shoved a piece of Australian licorice in my mouth. at least it was strawberry.

5 replies to “Thoughts from wonderland (part 1)

  1. The screen name for that changed, it shows you still follow me. I’m h.a.b.I.b.a.a.k on there. I’m indecisive I keep changing things


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