Thoughts from wonderLand (part 2)

I could not take it any longer. It had been a full 12 hours of mocking and ridicule. I wasn’t even aware that I had enough Facebook friends that he could have stalked and researched to present this dissertation he was so passionate about. He pulled at one of his whiskers slyly as he pondered his next move. So far I had not cracked nor shown any of the emotions he so desired, and it was draining him in the process I could see. Whatever creature he was, he somehow needed negative emotions like jealousy to survive. I was determined to deny him of his fuel.

“You think you are rather clever, don’t you?”. Now he was trying to bully me into cracking.

“I think I am not clever at all, but starting to get tired of all this licorice.”

“Isn’t this your favourite?” However the hell he knew that creeped me out more than the fact he had whiskers on his face, spots on the back of his neck, and a snout.

“No it is not.” I closed my eyes, and as was expected I was pelted with several pieces of licorice.

“You are a liar. I shall add that to the list.” He took out a small tangerine notebook from his bottom pocket of his pine tree colored wool coat. He scribbled something into it, then took the slate colored newsboy hat off his head and tucked it into a miniature hat box that sat on his head. His hat returned to his head, and hatbox. What great posture and balance he’s got to have hidden a box under a hat without it falling this whole time.

“Why do you need a list, and why do you keep pelting me with licorice? It’s a waste of good candy.”

“Why are you so stubborn and obnoxious?”

“I don’t know, okay. But what I do know is you’re not getting anything out of this stunt. I’m not going to be jealous, or angry, or miserable. At least not at your account. I have a mother, you know. She does enough of that for me.”

He laughed in such a delicate way it almost seemed like he was being tickled with a feather. “Ahh, so you have been holding back this hold time. Stupid girl, had you made your Academy award speech sooner we would have been out of here hours ago. I knew you agreed with me.”

“I don’t agree with-” But before I could finish he dissapeared while smiling into a rainbow colored fog that appeared. He tipped his hat while his image disappeared to show me that his hat box that I had spotted previously was now glowing, as if it had been a rechargeable battery ready to be put back into a television remote. My hands were suddenly movable, as the licorice had also vanished but in its place were ribbons, robins egg in color and tied to miniature maps dangling on each wrist like a charm bracelet. I turned the maps around to see a message written on the back of them. The one tied to my left hand read “Find me”, while the one tied to my right hand stated “Find yourself”.

Oh, how I wish the licorice was still my jewelry.

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