Who’s following?

Just a sidebar post here, how can I tell who’s following me back out of my followers, or is there no way to do such a thing?

I’m trying to clean up the amount of blogs I’m following, I’m afraid its a bit too cumbersome to maintain…

4 replies to “Who’s following?

  1. What I’ve done is kept an alphabetized listing in Word of those who have visited/commented/followed my blog (Just a copy and paste from the respected url) and the latest associated date. However, normally I only receive regular visits from about 20-30 people (even though my following may be much larger. I’ll try to visit/reply to those folks first– then randomly visit a few others from the rest of the list. Otherwise, I’d never get much posting done by trying to visit everyone. (And we all know that.) Have a wonderful day!

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    1. That sounds like a very efficient method! Thanks for the tip. I’m just surprised that such a big blogging platform doesn’t already have a system set up or available, like there is on Twitter.


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