reality meets Art- part 1

I was sitting, reviewing notes intently- in fact so intently I didn’t even realize she was standing in front of me until I heard her heavy breathing.

She sighed angrily. “You won okay. You were right- about EVERYTHING. Do you feel better now?”

I looked up from my laptop in awe at this angry pint sized female. I looked around, forgetting it was just me in the study space outside the library. Even though there were people behind me seated, they sat behind a frosted glass wall that divided us.

I put my tea down in shock. “Um were you talking to me?” I looked at her. Since we last spoke she gained a few more speckled grays, as well as puffier eyes. Something had been bothering her these past few months it seemed. Most likely the boy.

Annoyed she spoke. “Do you see anyone else here? Of course I meant you. You were right- you love hearing that so there it is. “

I shook my head. “First of all what ever happened to “Hello, or How are you?”. We haven’t spoken in months- which wasn’t even my decision by the way it was yours. So um yeah I am a bit confused. As usual you think the world revolves around you and I have some notion as to what you are talking about.”

She smirked. “Ah, there’s the sarcasm again. It seems some things never change. Why am I not surprised? You’re still the same sarcastic judgmental bitch it seems. “

I turned back to my computer screen. “Yeah some of us actually stay the same and keep some morals- unlike you. But based on your complexion it seems you have been to hell and back. So I will let that last rude comment go.”

“You’re impossible!” She scoffed and walked away, her long dark hair bouncing like a willow tree blowing in the wind.

“Right back at ya sunshine.” I muttered under my breath. And with the beep of the elevator she was gone.

As was my focus.

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